Sports are great. There are so many obvious benefits to participating in sports. If you’re on a team, you experience the joy of teamwork, the thrill of success and the disappointment of failure together. Competing solo in a sport like swimming, you get satisfaction of knowing that you and only you fail or succeed.

As you get older the definition of success shifts from simply “winning” to other goals like weight-loss, achieving a certain goal time or just being social.

What I love about the sport of triathlon is that it is both social and individual. Of course, there are days where you need to grind out a workout by yourself but there are also days where you’re in a pace line of 50 zipping around a make-shit, manmade island in San Diego.

There’s a lot to learn in triathlon, whether you’ve competed in 30 races or none. There are different nutrition strategies, race strategies, training regimens and equipment to worry about. There are so many philosophies and theories and scientific facts floating around that it can be hard to keep up.

Our mission at Victory Tri is to push you to your limit and towards your goals. We want so badly for you to succeed because we tasted the agony of defeat and the feeling of success. We believe in consistency, simplicity and fun.

Achieving consistency is never easy but it’s the foundation of any athlete.

Simplicity is for the mind. Keeping things simplistic helps us stay consistent. Complex goals can be hard to achieve and hard to stay consistent working towards. Simplifying things gives us the ability to stay focused.

Who doesn’t like to have fun? Working out and competing should be fun and we’ll make sure you have a blast working with us. Whether it’s training, race day or at a local bar we want to build our community around fun.

Published by Bryan Monzon

USAT Certified and Swim Specialist.

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