We had a fun ride this morning! We took off around 7:30am from the Pulse Endurance store in Chula Vista. About 26 people were on the ride. This was the first shop ride of the season and the pace was very moderate. Which is to say, it was perfect for me right now!

The 125 portion was fun. It’s always a thrill to ride your bike on the freeway. This is where the bulk of the climbing for me occurred. Nothing hard at all. I like to climb, just not so much on my time trial bike.

Once we were back on Otay Lakes Road my chain fell off briefly. It was enough to fall behind the main group and made it real tough catching up. I got in a little pace line for about 3 and a half minutes when I was dropped. Looking at the data I was pushing Zone 5c which obviously isn’t going to last long.

Anyway, it was a great morning with some fantastic people. I’m excited to be getting back in the saddle and out in the fresh air.

Here are the stats from my Garmin.

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