• Swim Foundations

    Not sure where to start with your swim training? Our swim coach walks us through the Swim Foundations and what makes for a good a workout. It includes a sample 3,000 yard set for free!

  • Coronado Open Water Swim

    Just a quick recap of our Open Water Swim swim today in Coronado, California. My Garmin didn’t connect with GPS so I don’t have a map for ya. We only…

  • Tips For Your First Open Water Swim

    We spent the afternoon with Pulse Endurance and the crew from Zoot (wetsuits) for a short open water swim. Open water swimming is an important aspect to our sport. It…

  • Pulse Endurance Ride

    We had a fun ride this morning! We took off around 7:30am from the Pulse Endurance store in Chula Vista. About 26 people were on the ride. This was the…

  • Your First Triathlon, Now What?

    You’ve made the decision. You’re signing up for your first triathlon. Now what do you do? First, take a deep breath and relax. If you’re new to the sport, training…

  • Introducing Victory Tri

    Sports are great. There are so many obvious benefits to participating in sports. If you’re on a team, you experience the joy of teamwork, the thrill of success and the…

What our athletes have to say

I achieved my goals with the support of a great coaching staff!

Sandy Fowles

High School English Teacher

A hate running. Victory TRI helped me overcome my hatred and now I love it. I’ve been running races ever since.

Ashley Monzon

Dance Coach

I’ve run lots of marathons and half-marathons. The guys really helped me learn to train on the bike and the pool. It’s not as easy as it looks but Victory TRI really guided me through it all. I love triathlons!

David Canavan

Uber Driver & ESPN Tech